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What is reclaimed teak?

Reclaimed teak is timber that’s already been used. In most cases it’s wood that’s been recovered from neglected old buildings which have to be demolished. As living teak is important for the environment and very expensive, reclaimed teak is a great way for us to continue to enjoy this beautiful timber responsibly.

Reclaimed teak timbers come in all manner of shapes and sizes; each has a special history and story to tell. We love these stories - instead of words and sentences, they’re told through old joints, dents and imperfections. Our artisans are equally great at telling a story through the craft skills they’ve inherited, as traditional woodworking techniques have been passed down through the generations. These craftsmen and women leave a special individual mark on every piece they create.

Visually this salvaged teak has much more ‘soul’ than plantation teak - unlike new wood it has a beautiful mature grain and colour, achieved through natural seasoning for almost 100 years. As its already done its ageing, it’s incredibly stable and durable, and its natural oils make it very dense and strong. It’s perfect for making furniture that will last and last.

By using old timber, we play our part in helping the environment. We ensure every single piece of our teak comes from salvaged timbers so we don’t have to cut down living teak trees. By using old wood we save forests - and help some of the poorest people in the world who depend on them.

From selecting the timber to the craftsmanship of creating the furniture, each piece is a labour of love and care. As you browse our site you’ll notice we’ve indicated how long it’s taken our craftspeople to create each piece. There’s a story in every object - and each has been made to give you many, many years of service and pleasure.

Reclaimed Teak

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