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Our Values

Great design, traditional craft skills and beautiful, sustainable materials are what Trunk is all about. Our pieces are wonderful things to own, and the way they’re produced is great for the people and communities who make them, and for the environment we share.

We want our pieces to be fashionable but not ephemeral, so they’ll look great now and for always. They’ve been made with love and skill, and if they’re enjoyed with a little care they’ll last for generations to come. Future heirlooms and worldly treasures.

“Trunk is as much about people as it is about things - the people in small communities, in countries like India and Indonesia, who make our pieces. They have extraordinary skills and energy, and we want to help keep their traditional techniques alive. We’re giving people a sustainable, dignified way to make a living. The end result is beautiful furniture for you.”

 VJ, Designer and Partner

our values
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