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Trunk is about worldly treasures. Unique and beautiful furniture, textiles, lighting and decor. Objects that are loved as much by the people who make them as by the people who buy them.

Our pieces are practical, affordable future heirlooms - beautiful objects to use every day, and to treasure for many years to come. We make them from wonderful materials - like volcanic stone, luxurious silk and beautiful linens. (Much of the wood we use is reclaimed teak from Indonesia, where this strong, solid, beautiful timber was traditionally used for building houses.)

Trunk objects are stylish and original - they’re influenced by the East, but they’re contemporary in character and designed to work in your home, whatever your style. They’re lovely to look at, but Trunk pieces are functional objects for modern life too.



about us

how we make our treasures

How we make our treasures

Trunk pieces are made one at a time, with love, using traditional skills handed down from generation to generation. Each of our designs is a naturally limited edition. In fact, as each object is hand-crafted, no two of our pieces are ever exactly the same.

We work with small communities in developing countries, where our investment makes a huge difference to the quality of life for local families. By keeping things small and controlled, we ensure that our workers make a good income - and we tread lightly on the earth, safeguarding the environment where our materials are sourced and our craftspeople live.

Our pieces are a world away from mass-produced, flat-pack conformity. To appreciate how many 'crafted days' have gone into making each of our treasures, visit the 'origin' tab on the product pages.

Our treasures are produced in small workshops in villages and never large factories. with your support there will come a time where we don't have sufficient stock of items. Thats simply because we have sold out and we are in the process of making some more. Craft times and logistics could mean that you might be waiting for your treasures for a little longer. We will do everything we can to keep you informed as your individual pieces are being made especially for you.


It’s been a long journey....

Trunk was originally founded by two brothers - VJ and Jit, Londoners born and bred, but with roots back in India.

With over 15 years experience in industrial design, furniture and interiors between them, they knew the business from the inside. And despite being a pair of workaholics, they found time to travel the world - both for fun, and to study traditional craft skills and techniques.They knew they had the beginnings of an exciting idea - that good design could be beautiful and useful, and should be environmentally friendly. And that it should be affordable for the majority of ordinary people, not just the wealthy few.

When Jit moved to America, VJ found himself sole custodian of their idea - and the task of making it happen. Thanks to his inside knowledge of the business, he was able to see ways of cutting out the middlemen - and much of the cost associated with retail and marketing - so that people like his own friends and family could afford design and craftsmanship of exceptional quality.

VJ set his heart on creating lovely, quality furniture at a reasonable price - and pretty soon, he’d planned a new collection of beautiful pieces. Then he explored the far corners of the planet to find the raw materials and skilled people he needed to make them. He found the artists he was looking for in places like Kota Jepara on the island of Java in Indonesia, where a whole town is dedicated to the traditional art of teak carving. And Jaipur, the famous pink city of Rajasthan in India, where he met whole families of skilled craftspeople working in stone, silver, leatherwear and ceramics.   

Then he set up his supply chain, store, brand and website to bring the finished pieces to you. At every step, VJ has designed quality and value into what Trunk deliver, keeping everything affordable but with no compromise on design, function or beauty.




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