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Guarantee & Care Guide

A few things to consider about the 5 year guarantee on our reclaimed teak furniture.


It’s for home use only

Your Trunk furniture is guaranteed for normal domestic use and is not for commercial use (unless requested upon order).



Due to the ‘rustic’ nature of much of the wood we use and the handmade quality of our furniture, each piece is likely to differ slightly in measurements, appearance, colour and finish. Please expect to see small plugs and blocks in your furniture. These are part of the character of the pieces, because the salvaged planks we use often contain holes where they were previously joined together. These holes are plugged with leftover pieces of wood before they are processed, and the plugs are a distinctive feature of the finished items.

Dimensions may differ by up to +/- 2cm from the sizes specified: to avoid disappointment on delivery day, please bear this in mind when measuring your space and ordering your furniture.



Trunk furniture is very robust and forgiving and will give you decades of service, its appearance only improving with time. Its only real enemies are hot wet cups or plates (and pizza boxes!), which can cause chalky white marks to appear. Marks can be easily avoided by using coasters and placemats. It’s also important not to place your furniture too near to a direct heat source, such as a radiator or open fire, as this can damage, distort or discolour your furniture, and can be dangerous.

Maintaining the appearance of your teak furniture is very straightforward. Most of the time, dusting with a soft cloth will suffice, with an occasional light application of a natural, clear beeswax polish. We strongly advise you not to use harsh detergents or sprays.


Coloured teak products

Some of our furniture is finished in a grey or dark tone. As with our natural-finish teak, all these pieces normally need is an occasional dusting with a soft cloth. We sell small containers of water-based stain for touching up worn areas on our coloured teak items. You simply apply a little to the worn area on a lint-free cloth and work across the grain, leaving it to dry for about 15 mins between coats, repeating the process until you are happy with the look. Clean the cloth in lukewarm water. It is important that you keep the stain away from your eyes and out of the reach of children.


Natural lighter teak products

If your item is in our lighter, unstained natural teak and you do manage to get water or other liquid stains on it, a light dusting with ‘fine’ grade sandpaper will take out most marks. Remember to work along the grain. You may choose to oil or wax unfinished teak - we recommend using only pure clear beeswax or a very light olive oil mixed with lemon juice. Drawer runners can also be waxed lightly on the insides of the drawer panel for a smoother pull.

The movement of wood is as natural as its knots. Within the first twelve months environmental changes can affect the wood. Any movement requiring restoration will be dealt with by our skilled restorers in your own home.


Give the wood some love

Your Trunk furniture needs some routine maintenance to help retain its character and keep it looking gorgeous for years to come. Please take time to treat your furniture like the fine product it is. Proper care and use are your responsibility and are required to maintain your rights under your guarantee. Please be aware your guarantee does not cover damage caused by the use of detergents, abrasives or other harsh cleaning agents. This is one reason why we recommend that you use a clear beeswax on our natural teak products.


It lives and breathes

Wood is natural and every piece is unique - we love this, as it makes every piece of Trunk furniture distinctive and special. The wood used in your furniture will have individual characteristics and old joints, dents and marks. They're the story of its past, and we don’t try to disguise the timber’s history. Although reclaimed timber is generally stable, in some cases moisture within the wood can lead to minor shrinkage or swelling. Fine hairline cracks and minor movements are possible as the piece settles into its environment - and throughout its life, thanks to the changes in temperature and humidity caused by our wonderful climate! Please be aware that these changes won’t affect the durability or lifespan of your furniture - they’re part of the nature of wood and are not a structural defect covered under this guarantee. These imperfections will add to the rustic character of our pieces as they become even more beautiful over time. Do try to avoid placing your furniture too close to a heat source – we’d recommend keeping it at least a metre away from fires and radiators.


It’s there to be used

Naturally this guarantee cannot cover the normal fair wear and tear you’d expect in an ordinary home. This is standard in guarantees relating to furniture. It’s only fair - we can’t replace a table that’s been used every day for four years because it no longer looks brand new! Take care of your furniture

Damage resulting from accidents or negligence (including burns, cuts, scratches, tears, scuffs, watermarks, indentations or pet damage) is not covered in your guarantee.



Please keep your paperwork safe.

When you purchase your Trunk furniture, please keep your Sales Order Acknowledgement paperwork safe. This will contain your Order Number, which must be quoted in order for your guarantee to be valid.

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